A crucial element of every modern firm is mobility. You have a competitive advantage over other businesses if you can move your IT and physical company infrastructure between sites safely and effectively. Your IT rollout, upgrades, and relocation can be accelerated with the help of widespread IT support and services. You can be certain that every part of the move is meticulously planned and customized to your requirements when you use our IT relocation services.

With nearly ten years of experience, our team provides organizations in Dubai with a wide range of IT relocation services. We provide our clients complete, end-to-end IT relocation solutions, including office relocation, data center or server room transfer, and IT gear decommissioning. We handle every aspect of your IT asset lifecycle, including planning, equipment acquisition, transportation, redeployment, and disposal.

A2Z IT Support and Services – IT relocation services help you keep expenses under control, lower risk, increase flexibility, and limit downtime for your company. Our staff adheres to industry best practices and documents every step of the process thoroughly for use or reference in the future. To ensure a smooth transition of your business locations, we also collaborate with various teams engaged in the relocation project.

You, our clients, are always our priority and with our innovative IT relocation services, we make sure that we leave you with an IT environment that is smart, scalable, and hassle-free.

Our Features

Dedicated Team

A committed group of trained professionals is available from A2Z IT Solutions for your IT relocation project. Our staff works directly with your internal team and arranges with actual movers to provide you with an IT relocation solution that is tailored to your company’s requirements. We supervise the process, carry out a secure transportation, inventory and IT evaluation, fully reassembly and test your equipment at the new location. Every procedure is completed by our professionals in compliance with accepted norms and laws.

IT Consultation & Professional Advice

Utilizing nearly ten years of experience, Widespread IT is a Dubai-based provider of IT relocation services. Because of this, we are in a unique position to answer any questions you may have about your IT migration project. We provide an evaluation of your IT infrastructure and assist in creating a well-thought-out relocation strategy to ensure a safe and seamless transition. We also offer guidance on the data security and protection protocols that are necessary for a transfer of your company’s websites.

Secure Data Backup & Migration

In addition to moving your IT infrastructure quickly and securely, we also ensure the protection of your company’s data by backing up all of your servers in numerous, comprehensive backups as part of the move preparation process. Secure migration, reconfiguration, and testing/verification of all your backup data copies to the new setup are all included in our relocation services. For a smooth transition, we also work with your telecom and ISP service providers.

Documentations & Standards

Your company’s IT move will be guided by the fully qualified and certified Widespread IT staff, who will use industry standards and best practices. We produce thorough records of every step of your relocation process, including equipment and workstation inventories and roadmaps. It facilitates the swift evaluation of whether equipment needs to be replaced, recycled, or reassembled as well as the deployment of your IT assets at the new site.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our belief is that using green business methods can help reduce the carbon effect on the environment. We therefore see to it that your decommissioned hardware and other IT components are disposed of, destroyed, and recycled in an appropriate manner. We follow industry standards in carrying out these procedures.

IT Hardware Disposal

Being a green-conscious business, Widespread IT takes steps to properly recycle and dispose of IT waste. Our qualified professionals handle all aspects of your IT hardware disposal needs, whether it’s an outdated PC that has to be recycled or a rack full of servers that needs to be destroyed. You may be guaranteed that the general data protection laws and environmental rules are followed when you dispose of your IT gear with our standard compliant end-of-lifecycle services.